Contracts & Booking

What contract lengths do you offer?

6 months and 12 months. Please contact Lux Pod if you require a longer contract length or start date that you do not see offered on our website and we will be able to assist with pricing options and availability.

What type of contract will I be signing?

Standard Occupancy Agreement – For general boarding houses under the Boarding Houses Act 2012

What is your Cancellation & Refund Policy?

Once an Occupancy Agreement (‘Agreement’) has been signed, the resident must comply with the T&Cs of that Agreement. The resident is required to pay the rent due for the term of the Agreement. If the resident wants to cancel their Agreement with Lux Pod, they are to do so, via written notice, within a 7-day cooling off period upon signing the Agreement.

  • This will incur a cancellation administration fee (1 weeks rent).
  • The resident will lose the holding deposit (1 weeks rent)
  • The resident will be refunded the security deposit (2 weeks rent).

If the resident wants to cancel their Agreement with Lux Pod following the 7-day cooling off period, they can find a replacement occupant to take over the balance of the Agreement. The resident is to comply with the terms of the Agreement until a successful transfer is secured.

  • This will incur a break fee (4 weeks rent)
  • The resident will be refunded the security deposit (2 weeks rent)

If unsuccessful, the resident is required to continue to comply with the terms of the Agreement for the duration of the Agreement.

Australian Visa

In the case where international occupants are unable to secure an Australian Visa, they can cancel their booking via written consent within 24 hours of receiving notice from the Department of Affairs. This is to be communicated prior to the lease commencement date. Supporting documentation/evidence is required.

  • The resident will lose the holding deposit (1 weeks rent)
  • The resident will be refunded the security deposit (2 weeks rent)

Failure to provide supporting documentation will incur a cancellation administration fee (1 weeks rent)

If the resident cancels the Agreement after the contract date due to not receiving an Australian Visa, they are to notify Lux Pod via written consent within 24 hours of receiving notice from the Department of Affairs. Supporting documentation/evidence is required. Lux Pod will consider the cancellation request for the breaking of the Agreement and advise further action. Break fees and cancellation administration fees may apply.

How long until I get a reply to my application/enquiry?

When booking a Pod online, you will receive an email confirmation as soon as you pay your holding deposit with the booking details. Confirmation of all applications and enquiries will be tended to within 48 hours.

Can I book a viewing?

Yes, simply request a tour via our contact page.

Can I share a Pod?

The capacity of each Pod does not exceed 2 residents (except for the Studio Pod, which permits only 1 resident). Prices are indicated against the occupants permitted to reside, per room type and per contract length
Living at Lux Pod

What’s included in the rent/provided in my Pod?

  • Fully furnished Pods (including bed, sofa, study desk and chair, *dining table and chairs)
  • Fully equipped kitchen (microwave oven, cooktop, fridge, kettle)
  • Ensuite
  • Washer/dryer combo
  • Air-conditioning/heater
  • 50” TV
  • Robe and shelving storage
  • *Balcony
  • All utility bills (water, electricity, air-conditioning/heating)
  • Unlimited high speed Wi-Fi
  • Motorcycle parking and bike storage *subject to availability
  • Access to common areas
  • Access to monthly events program
  • Welcome Gift Pack
Residents can purchase a range of add-ons including:
  • Kitchen bundle
  • Bedding and towel bundle
  • Secure and covered vehicle parking
  • Secure and covered motorcycle and bike storage (free)
When checking into Lux Pod, you will have everything you need to feel comfortable in your new home.

What size is the bed?

All Pods are fitted with double beds, except for the studio Pods, which are fitted with single beds.

Do you allow pets?

There is a strict no pet policy at Lux Pod. No animals or pets are allowed anywhere within the premises.

Do you have Pods with wheelchair/disabled access?

Lux Pod has wheelchair-accessible rooms, subject to availability (Deluxe Pod). The premises is accessible for wheelchair users and has lifts connecting to all floors. Lux Pod also has accessible parking, subject to availability.

Are there any other property rules that apply?

Yes, you will be provided with a full list of House Rules when a Letter of Offer is made. You will also receive a copy of the House Rules when you move in, along with other helpful information to assist with settling in.

Can I have guests over?

Yes, you are allowed to have guests over, however you will need to ensure that they comply with the House Rules and any direction of Lux Pod management.

How is my Pod cleaned?

It is your responsibility to keep your Pod clean. Complimentary vacuum cleaners are provided in the building and available for you to use.
Pricing and Payments

When do I have to pay my rent?

Rent is paid fortnightly.

How much do I have to pay to book?

A non-refundable holding deposit, equivalent to 1 weeks' rent, is required to secure the booking upon confirmation if you move in after 7 days of signing the Occupancy Agreement. This will become your first week's rent upon check-in.

If you move in within 7 days of signing the Occupancy Agreement, you are not required to pay a holding deposit.

Do I have to pay a security deposit (bond)? What does my security deposit cover and when will I get it back?

The security deposit is equivalent to the sum of 2 weeks rent. It is payable on the day the Agreement is signed or on the following day. The security deposit will be repaid to the resident within 14 days after the end of the Agreement, less any amount to cover:
  • The reasonable cost of repairs to the boarding house or goods that come with it, as a result of damage (other than fair wear or tear) caused by the resident and their guest;
  • Any occupancy fee or other charges owing and payable under the Agreement or the Boarding Houses Act 2012;
  • The reasonable cost of cleaning any part of the premises occupied by the resident and not left reasonably clean by the resident, having regard to the condition of the premises at the commencement of the occupancy; and
  • The reasonable cost of replacing locks or other security devices altered, removed or added by the resident without the consent of the proprietor.
Please note that in the event that any resident or their visitor causes wilful damage to any area, texture, fitting or furniture in the premises, the cost of repair or replacement will be met by that person, including any damage created in common areas.
Check-in and Check-out

What’s involved in the check-in and check-out process?

Check-in is at 2pm and check-out is at 10am. If you require an earlier or later check-in/check-out, please contact the Lux Pod team and we will do our best to assist you. After checking-in, you will need to complete your room inventory and condition report. This is an official record of the state of your Pod when you move in and will also be used upon your check-out. Before the official check-out, an email will be sent to you with a complete move-out checklist, which will assist you with the tasks to complete. In the week before your contract end date, you will be asked to organise a room inspection in case there are any damages. Upon checkout, you will need to return your key card/garage remote/post box key to the building manager

Can I move in later than my start date?

Yes, you can move in on the day your contract starts or any day after, just contact the Lux Pod team to let us know your planned arrival date and time.

Can I swap my Pod once I booked?

We have limited availability but if you would like to request a Pod swap, please contact the Lux Pod team directly to discuss options and we will do our best to accommodate this.